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How Do We Choose Audiences For Top Of Funnel?

We spend a lot of time building out COLD Traffic (i.e. Top of Funnel campaigns). Our top of the funnel campaigns usually spends around 65-70% of the total budget on most accounts we manage.

So, today we’re diving into how to choose the right audiences for your TOF (aka Cold Traffic) campaigns.

Fool-Proof Checklist For Paid Ads Success

To successfully run your paid ads campaigns it takes more than the knowledge of how to put everything into the ad platform you’re using.

In fact, that’s the easiest part of running ads!

Once you’re Google or Facebook ad campaigns are up and running its vital that you have a good process in place for managing and optimizing your ads consistently.

To help, we decided to outline the key points of optimization and when to review them. Below is a graphic that you can use a guide for optimizing your campaigns.

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