Having A Solid Buyer Persona Is The Key To Online Success

You may have the best idea, the best product, and the most organized and seemingly effective business plan out there. But, if you don’t know your buyer’s persona, then none of that really matters.

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You may have the best idea, the best product, and the most organized and seemingly effective business plan out there. But, if you don’t know your buyer’s persona, then none of that really matters. There are quite a few factors that go into a company’s marketing effort, and in addition to having a brand persona, you must also define your buyer’s persona.

Your buyer’s persona will give your company (specifically, your sales team) a very clear idea of who your target audience is, and how to approach them and understand them in a way that will eventually lead to closing a deal. But, there are a number of reasons why knowing your buyer’s persona is essential to your marketing strategy, and unless you internalize those, you may have a hard time moving forward.

It’ll Help Establish Your Brand

If you’re having trouble defining your brand persona — another key ingredient in your overall marketing strategy — then it’s probably because you haven’t yet figured out who you’re catering to.

Every company who sells a product or service must have an idea of what kind of people want to buy those products and services. When you have a better understanding of who your audience is, it makes it easier to create a brand that resonates well with that audience.

Heres a great example of what a solid buyer persona would look like.

You’ll Know Who You’re Targeting

Knowing your buyer persona means you’ll know exactly who you’re targeting. After all, there’s no reason you should be marketing dog products to cat owners. It’s one thing to have a general idea of who your audience is, but it’s another to delve much deeper into that. There are many different factors that go into understanding your audience, whether it’s their demographics (age, location, socio-economic status), interests, behavior, etc.

You may not know all this information up front, but you will certainly learn it over time, especially if you’re actively searching for it (and, you should be). This information is critical to marketing your products and services because you need to be sure you’re reaching the right people, and not wasting time on those who are uninterested.

You’ll Know What Types of Interactions to Look For

Having a buyer’s persona as part of your marketing strategy helps your company to determine what to be looking for as far as your audience’s interaction with your products. For instance, if your audience is primarily seniors, then your main avenue of reaching them is probably not through Facebook (though, there are certainly lots of 65+ on social media these days). Likewise, if you’re planning on reaching out to leads and customers via email marketing, then your buyer persona can help you see if this way of marketing is effective, by tracking inbox opens or internal link clicks.

Once you’ve experimented with the best ways to bring in leads via organic marketing, you can analyze their interactions and engagements to decide how to move forward. Of course, a marketing expert who is familiar with buyer behavior can help you see which engagements you should be focusing on, in order to best shape your marketing campaigns, responses, sale tactics, etc.

You Can Change Your Marketing Strategy Based on Consumer Behavior

Knowing your buyer persona is important because it helps you to fix mistakes, focus on triumphs, and make any necessary changes for the future. Even if you’re sure of your company’s buyer persona, you may find over time that your audience’s behavior slightly changes, or that your audience wants more of one product you’re selling vs. another. Once you know what to look for and you can see whether or not something is clearly leading to sales or fails, then you can appropriately change your marketing strategy or develop other areas of the sales cycle in order to convert leads.

If you don’t know your company’s buyer persona, it’d be really difficult to execute a successful marketing strategy and put in the effort that’s required in growing a business. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that hiring an expert to help guide you and break down this information can really make all the difference.

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