Grow Your Social Media Following With Organic Marketing

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Grow Your Social Media Following With Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is a way for company leaders to bring in leads without paying for a platform to do so. It’s an opportunity for businesses big and small, new and old, to push their advertising to the furthest possible boundary with the current resources they have available. Those who are able to implement strong organic marketing strategies are able to do so because they can confidently rely on less resources to achieve more results. One way this is done is by taking advantage of the number of free advertising options that exist on these platforms. This will allow you to connect with high-qualified leads that are interested in your products and services, without needing to spend a dime or waste time on leads that need a lot more convincing.

Why Social Media Channels  

Organic marketing strategies can be applied to pretty much anything these days, whether it be website landing pages, mobile apps, or email campaigns. But, the main reason most company leaders resort to social media channels for this specific marketing strategy is because it’s where the attention is. By next year, it’s believed that there will be approximately 2.77 billion social media users around the world, which means that the average company will already be provided with a list of potential leads for free — they’ll just need to put in a little time to make sure they are visible and accessible.

Luckily, finding those leads on social media via organic marketing has never been easier. With an algorithm very similar to Google, users on Facebook are provided with an enhanced experience that will display posts and ads that are relevant to only them. Automatically, social media allows you to connect with the people that are meant to find your products and services, without you having to lift much more than a finger to do so. And, while there are certainly ways to pay for marketing on social media platforms, many will find that you can get just as much done by not paying anything at all.

Examples of Organic Marketing on Social Media Channels

When you look at the different organic marketing strategies, it doesn’t take long to see that one of the easiest ways to practice this strategy is through social media channels. This is primarily because “organic” means “free” and social media is, well, free. This gives users a wide array of opportunities to target potential leads, without having to make an investment in something that may not lead to any results. If your business is already on social media, then it’s likely you’re already practicing some degree of organic marketing. But, in case you need a refresher or you want some other pointers, here are some examples:

Optimize Your Brand

You can’t plan on maximizing your organic marketing without having a solid brand. Make sure you have a logo that speaks to your clients, and ensure that that logo and everything associated with your brand, is plastered on every page and group you run. Additionally, make sure all our social media accounts are linked.

Utilize Video

Video is a great way to bring in leads is through organic marketing. Whether you choose to post pre-recorded videos that you’ve already posted on Youtube, or you’d rather try your hand and live video, this channel can play a huge role in any marketing campaign, but is guaranteed to reach way more users via social media.

Share Often

One of the best ways to enhance your organic marketing strategy is by sharing content as often as possible, whether that’s your content or someone else’s. More shares and more activity on social media that can ultimately provide value to your clients and increase connectivity overall, will naturally make you more exposed.

Use Emojis

Organic marketing can be done in something as simple as a Facebook post. But, not just an ordinary post — one that really attracts people. By implementing strategies like the use of images, emojis, and spaced out text in a post, people will be intrigued by the mere attractiveness of your post, and will thereby engage with you quicker than they normally would.

Monitor Your Competitors

If you want to be successful with organic marketing via social media channels, then it’s necessary that you monitor your competitors to see what they’re doing on social media. If they are talking about trending topics or you see that their posts are getting a lot of likes and shares, then take note of what they are doing and try to replicate that.

Automate Your Inbox

Most social media platforms, especially Facebook, give page owners the ability to create automatic responses in the messaging portal. This will come in handy when you’re too busy to respond to messages all the time, but you want to ensure your leads are being taken care of.

Engage with Others

While automatic responses are great, those who want their organic marketing strategy to be successful must put in the time to engage with others, whether it’s a post someone makes in a group you’re in, or a comment on one of your links. Take the time to react and continue the conversation, and these leads will start to get to know who you are and what your brand represents. After that, it won’t take long for you to lead them to the end of the sales cycle and increase that closing ratio.

Post Relevant Content

Content is one of the best ways to bring in leads and make a sale without having to spend too much money. (Unless, of course, your company has hired a content creator.)  Content that’s done well — whether it be an eBook, a whitepaper, a blog post, a podcast, a video, or anything in between — should be done with the idea in mind that it will provide value to the lead or customer for free. From there, they should get a nice slice of what it’s like to have your products or services, and they’ll, therefore, be more inclined to pay for the next piece.

But, it’s not only free for them, it should be free for you, too. Sure, you’ll have to create the content yourself, but no one said that you need to reinvent the wheel. Come up with a consistent content strategy and share away.

Things to Keep in Mind

Because social media platforms like Facebook have worked to perfect their algorithms, companies are having a hard time reaching as many people as they’d like to, despite the fact this was the very thing that made organic marketing what it is. There is some debate regarding whether or not company leaders should rely too heavily on this marketing tactic via social media, because, after all, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. That being said, if companies can find ways to reach their leads organically while also investing in some paid media (such as boosting posts or paying for ads), then they are much more likely to be successful. Balance is key to success.

There are many ways in which company leaders can implement organic marketing strategies, and social media is one of the most reliable in terms of ratios. But, knowing how to do it and knowing how to do it well are two different things, so take the time to utilize social media channels to the best of your ability. After that, it shouldn’t take long to see how easily organic marketing can be achieved.

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