How to optimize your campaigns quickly and easily:

One of the hardest things for people to be able to do one the campaigns are up and running is campaign management and optimization. For many marketers and agencies, they create campaigns and watch them run for a while and see what happens. Although we wish marketing was that easy, that is not how to create high performing campaigns that bring the business serious returns. We have an easy four step process that can be followed to improve your campaigns results and push spend toward your best ads and ad groups.

Strategy #1: Audience Targeting

Not knowing how to improve the audience targeting is a common problem among paid advertisers. To remedy this issue, all that’s needed is to make sure you only target one audience per ad group. However, Ad Labs Marketing improves the solution by segmenting based on device type. Once you’ve segmented the ad groups by audience, it’s super easy to remove unprofitable audience segments and see considerable improvements in the campaigns. 

By following this process, you’ll have a campaign that began with 10-20 Ad groups will eventually be optimized down to 3-6 active, highly-effective ad groups.

Note: This optimization strategy works best with higher daily ad spends because you can capture lots of data in a short period. If you are unable to put a decent amount of spend behind your campaigns, then you will have to keep your ad groups on for longer to find clear winners.

Strategy #2: Device Type Targeting

When we created the ad groups, we optimized by device because we categorized the ad groups by device type and audience. Once we have enough data to determine which device and audience converts best, we can turn off the others and start accelerating ad spend to the best device type. This method eliminates wasted ad spend and keep our ads focused on the device where our audience is most engaged.

Strategy #3: Ad Content Optimization

Inside each adgroup of a campaign, we incorporate multiple types of ads. Each ad group should test all ad types, copy length, copy tone, design, and so on. By running numerous ad styles, we can quickly find which works best for a campaign in terms of profitability, conversion rate, total conversions, and user engagement. 

After we have received enough data to see which ad types are not working well within an adgroup, you can turn them off. Then test new variations of the top 2 winning ads and see which does the best.

Strategy #4: Day & Time Narrowing

Every business has peak days and times that users are most active and engaged. With this in mind, we want to look at our ads and see how our existing data correlates with what is happening in our campaigns. If we are seeing that users are interacting with our ads at similar times to our website or page activity, we can narrow our days and times that ads run for optimal performance.

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